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Worthy Auxiliary Presidents and Secretaries,

Below is a more refined Liability and Indemnification Agreement updating the first one I sent you on Saturday.

Only thing that has changed is there are 3 forms: one for Members, one for Third Party and one for Minors


If your auxiliary has online meetings (zoom) then you do not need any of the Liability forms

If your auxiliary sponsors an online virtual paint party you do not need any of the Liability forms

If you Columbiettes members support a Knights or other ministry or community sponsored event you do not need the Liability forms


  • Example: St Anthony Food bank is not sponsored by the Columbiettes even though many of us help and support it

  • Example: If you Knights of Columbus have an event that some Columbiettes may help out at,  this is not a Columbiette sponsored
    event and no forms are required to be signed 

If your auxiliary sponsors an event or holds a meeting in person (either indoors or outdoors) you do need to have a Liability & 


Indemnification agreement form filled out by each person and for each date for each person.

I suggest your Secretaries keep these forms in a file of some kind. If you have questions you can contact me, District Deputy or

a State Officer.


Yes, we still are a volunteer organization but COVID19 could take down whole the organization. Please pray for an end to COVID19.


==============Supreme Email update is below ===========================================  

After our board meeting, I sent out the Member Assumption of Risk form that we passed. I had reached out to our Atty because the original form was more in line for In Person Meetings and Events where ONLY Members would be attending. Based upon board discussion, I inquired with our atty, if the original form was enough to cover us for any event that would be considered OPEN ( I.E New Ceremony, Installations, and events that permit the knights, non member family and friends and children.) I just heard back today ,  and based upon her review with the Non Profit Law Division, we need multiple forms for the best coverage possible. 


I have attached 3 forms that must be available and must be signed  prior to entering  all Columbiette events.


  • MEMBER FORM = To be used for all Columbiette attend events I.E Board Meetings, Officers Meetings, Audit Meetings where ONLY Columbiettes will gather.

  • THIRD PARTY FORM = To be used when a NON Columbiette is attending any meeting or event - IE Knights, non member Family or Friends.

  • MINOR FORM = Any minor children attending with an adult. 


We are all elected as Leaders of the Columbiettes and we must enforce this . If you are attending any IN PERSON functions - please ensure that this form is present and that the local group is complying with our rule. COVID is an ever changing landscape and it shifts like the wind. I can't stress this enough, this is something that we must do during this COVID period in time. As leaders, it might be a good idea for us all to carry a couple of copies of these forms - just in case. 


I apologize for this extra step - but as it is said  "Better to be SAFE than Sorry." 


Thank You for your assistance in this matter

Micki Magee

Download the forms below

(each form is fillable & printable)

COVID19 Member

Assumption of Risk

COVID19 Minors

3rd Party

Assumption of Risk

COVID19 Adults

3rd Party

Assumption of Risk

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